Milay® is an illumination system for ships to have safe, ergonomic and long lasting lighting that needs the least amount of maintenance, saves energy and has alternatives in terms of color. It is a relaxing and modern piece of iluminary.


Alfa Interior, considering the feed back from the products they have designed and manufactered throughout the years is trying to enhance the safety and the eye pleasing aspects of the merchandise. Obtained by bending the aluminum profile, Curved Corners on the side of it’s lightweighted and strong design, also attracts attention with it’s safety. It is easy to use in small boats and prefered for it’s curved corners.


Also usable with a master key, this design, developed for the need of safety and ergonomy onboard a ship can be manufactured in crom and brass.


Our folding bed designs are for small cabins which can be transformed into elegant couches. Besides it’s convenience, it is manufactured accordingly to all international norms starting with safety and fire resistance. Delivered to the Pakistan Navy for the first time and used in the PNFT (Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker), this design is now used in TVEG.

-One bed fold

-Double bed ( bunk bed) fixed bottom foldable top, double beded all foldable designs are used in many ships lead by Milgem Project.