Alfa Interior is the official distributer in Turkey for the internationally known German company Metawell®. Metawell® produces aluminum sandwich plates which are lightweighted yet resistant. As it can be coil coated with different techniques, it can also be covered by protective and decorative materials like marble, foil, carpet etc. Metawell® is an evironmentally concious product that can be used in interiors as per the interior architects type of design.

High Rigidity

Dynamic Durability

Different Plate Types and Thickneses

Desired Length

Seamless Installation


Decorative Surfaces

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Alfa Interior is the official Turkish distributer for Panelship Group who is one of Europe’s foremost panel and stainless product manufacturer. Panelship Group was established by companies with years of expertise in the maritime industry. Since 1990, they have been increasing their market shares by offering creative solutions to their clients around the World  with  their high quality modular panels, wet units, assembling systems and stainless steel parts.

Wall Panels
Ceiling Panels
Floating Floors
Projecting Wet Departments
Stainless Steel Manufacturing
Kitchen Closets
Bar Closets
Laundry Room Closets
Cold Room
Wet Units
Self Service and Bar Units
Ships&Acute, Bridges Concoles

Click to Download the Catalogue!

Click to Download the Catalogue!