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Alfa Mimarlik was established by the Architect Sina Akosman in 1989. He studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), and graduated from the faculty of architecture department. After graduation he began to work as a designer for both land and marine projects. Sina Akosman is founder and owner of the firm Alfa Mimarlik Dekorasyon ve Insaat A.S.

Alfa Mimarlik has specialised on the design of living quarters and work spaces, and successfully completed numerous office, housing, and marine vessel projects as well as purpose-built designs with personalised solutions. The firm’s design philosophy is guided by focusing on the end user and on environmental factors.

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Alfa Mimarlık olarak Savaş Gemileri, Sahil Güvenlik Botları, Ticari Gemiler ve Sivil Yat ve Gemilere sunduğumuz mimari ve iç mimari çözümlerin yanı sıra bizi farklı kılan hizmetlerimizden bazıları...

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